International Triennal of Silicate Arts, the winners of 2014

The theme for the 2014 Triennial was "NEW ENERGY"

The theme for the 2014 Triennial was "NEW ENERGY". The organisers expect artists to use the given theme with complete freedom and innovation.

The works must be in clay, concrete, porcelain or glass and artists are free to choose the technical methods and approach to the given theme. The objects must be original works and not previously prizewinning works in any international competition.

The aims of the triennial are to stimulate both fine and applied artists to create works which give scope to the industrial and artistic application of new materials and technologies, encouraging the widening of directions in 21st century silicate arts.

Born from an idea by János Probstner, founder and former director of the International Ceramics Studio, the 1st International Triennial of Silicate Arts was held in 2005 in Kecskemét, Hungary – expanding the tradition of the National Silicate Industrial Triennials of the 1980's into an truly global event.

Organised by the Foundation for Contemporary Ceramic Arts, the 4th International Triennial will again include an international competition, an exhibition and an international ceramics symposium.

The venues for the Triennial are based in Kecskemét, a large market town 80 kilometres south of the Hungarian capital, Budapest. Kecskemét has long been renowned for its support of cultural events and has a long tradition of artistic endeavour. The Triennial exhibition will take place in the Kecskemét Cultural and Conference Centre.

1st prize: IRINA RAZUMOVSKAYA (Russia)

2nd prize: ÖMÜR TOKGÖZ (Turkey)

3rd prize: SIMON ZSOLT JÓZSEF (Hungary)

KKA Emerging Artist Award: MARION DELARUE (France)

Herend Porcelain Manufactory Special Award: REJKA ERIKA (Hungary)

Special Award of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, Section of Applied Arts and Design: GÁSPÁR GYÖRGY (Hungary)

Honourable Mentions by the Jury: KARINE BENVENUTI (France), MAKOTO HATORI (Japan), CRISPIN McNALLY (Portugal), GABRIELLA SACCHI (Italy), VARGA DÓRA (Hungary)


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