District of Ceramic and Porcelain production

The disctrict of ceramic production of Nove and Bassano is one of the most important in Italy, with over 3 hundres of companies.

The District

The production area of the District has as its focal point the towns of Nove and Bassano, around which extends a network of companies that come to also affect some municipalities of the provinces of Treviso and Padua ( Este).

Productive specialization :
The production of pottery in the district has a long tradition. We can identify two different souls of the District: one linked to the Ceramic Art on one side and the other, equally important , which includes the production of Porcelain and Glass Art .

The production of household items and decorative ceramics has developed over the centuries different types: common but rich, household products to products of great elegance. Parallel to the reproduction of antique models , there is a new stylistic trends in accessories , furnishing accessories and home ornaments.

Our Ceramic producers


Distretto della Ceramica di Nove e Bassano