put your banner in WWW.CERAMICS.IT, if you are a supplier for ceramic industry or artisan production, here you have the right chance to rich your future customers.
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We can not promise you anything, but you'll definitely many more visits than you had before.
The advertising spaces available are shown in the table below, the different colors correspond to the different price ranges:

home page   producers   florist articles
marks   workmanship   bathroom accessories
hobby       tableware
gift   events   bomboniere
furnishing accessories
  expositions   semi-finished
lighting   kitchen   machinery
suppliers   touristi articles
    services   accessories
ceramic art
  museums and collections    


Are available to other pages on the site, please contact us for prices.

DISCOUNTS provided on quantity and for those who put our banner:

  for those who put this logo on their home page with the link to the home page of the discount is 25%


  for those who put this logo on their home page with the link to the home page of discount and 20%, or if you want to insert this logo but without the link to the website, the discount is 10% of the prices' ad banners in "home page" are fixed while those of the other pages discounts apply for quantities that arrive to a maximum of 20%.


The inclusion of a banner ad on your not require any change in your site because the link is only by us to you.
With the purchase of advertising space or insertion in the areas of the site for the same price it is present both in the Italian and in English languages​​.

The size of the banner must be 200 x 200 pixels and must occupy maximum 100 kbytes of memory, the accepted format is GIF, JPG or GIF ANIMATED, the one below is an example.



Book as soon as the area in which you wish to be included, you will avoid others to acquire before. For more information or quotes, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. details or phone ++39 338 494.777.5.

The services and prices in this price list may change at any time without prior notice, of course, for those who have booked the price will remain unchanged until the end of the campaign