"Open to Art" International Competition for Art Ceramics and Design - Milano 2014

The winners of the first edition of the international Prize dedicated to art and design ceramics.


First Prize, Art Section: Jozsef SimonZsolt(Hungary, 1973)

After having trained in ceramics at the Fischer Mor Porcelain Industrial Vocational School in Herend, Jozsef Simon Zsolt studied painting, theatre and music in Budapest. He graduated at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest, and won a one-year scholarship in Indonesia, at UNAIR University, Surabaya, where he learnt new techniques. His works have been exhibited at the 4th and 5th International Ceramics Biennial Exhibition in Korea (2007, 2009) and at the Spanish International Biennial Exhibition in Manises (2009), achieving important recognition for his work. His sculptures have been exhibited in Europe and Indonesia.

First Prize, Design Section: Margareta Daepp (Switzerland, 1959)

Margareta Daepp lives and works in Bern. Her artistic training began in 1972 at the Design School in Bern, where she attained a diploma in Ceramic Arts in 1981. She continued her studies at the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs, Geneva, with Setsuko Nagasawa, and later, as a Visiting Student, with Rebecca Horn and Isa Genzken at the Berlin University of the Arts. She took a Master in Design | Art + Innovation at the Basel School of Art and Design. From 1999 she has been a teacher at the Department of Ceramics, Ecole CFP Arts Appliqués, Geneva.

Special commendation, Carlo Zauli Museum: Ezster Imre (Hungary, 1985)

Ezster Imre lives and works in Gothenburg (Sweden). Ceramic artist and designer, she launched her career with Table Wear, an unusual collection of hand-made porcelain jewellery.

Special commendation for an artist under 30, Bitossi Ceramiche: Vanessa Redondo (Venezuela, 1987)

Architect and designer, Vanessa Redondo lives and works in Madrid. She began her career as an architect, and graduated at the Central University of Venezuela in 2010; she later studied photography and design at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Spain.

Wiffa special commendation: Ann van Hoey (1956, Belgium)

Ann van Hoey graduated in Applied Business Science at the University of Antwerp, and then took a degree in Ceramics at IKA (Institute for Arts and Craft) in Malines. She has been a member of the International Academy of Ceramics since 2011. She has won many prizes, including the Silver Prize at the 8th edition of the Cheongju International Craft Competition (KOR) in 2013, and an honorary commendation at the Taiwan Ceramics Biennial Exhibition in Taipei (2012).


Art Section                                                                             Design Section

Palma Babos (Hungary, 1961)                                                        Daepp Margareta (Switzerland, 1959)

Barness Eliasov Einav (Israel, 1975)                                       DemoPaolo (Italy, 1974)

Calcagno Silvia Celeste (Italy, 1974)                                             Desaules Jean-Marc (Switzerland, 1968)

Curneen Claire (Ireland, 1968)                                                       Hoogeboom Peter (Netherlands, 1961)

Eandrade Alfredo (Argentina, 1967)                                             Imre Eszter (Hungary, 1985)

Eastman Ken (U.K., 1960)                                                                Jung Minji (South Korea, 1983)

Favelli Flavio (Italy, 1967)                                                                Karakaya Betul (Turkey, 1978)

Galliani Michelangelo (Italy, 1975)                                               Lacruz Gloria (Spain, 1964)

Hartmann Rasmussen Malene (Denmark, 1973)                         Lancellotti Luigi Massimo (Italy, 1986)

Kino Satoshi(Japan, 1989)                                                              Redondo Angel Vanessa (Venezuela, 1987)

Manz Bodil (Denmark, 1943)                                                          Van Hoey Ann (Belgium, 1956)

Perez Rafael(Spain, 1957)                                                              Venables Prue (Australia, 1954)

Nomura Ayaka (Japan, 1987)                                                         

Perryman Jane (U.K., 1947)                                                              

Polloniato Paolo (Italy, 1979)                                                                            

Salvatori Andrea (Italy, 1975)                                                                          

Shaw Mella (U.K., 1978)                                                                                       

Tuominen Nittylä Kati (Finland, 1947)                                                           

Zsolt Jozsef Simon (Hungary, 1973)             .