05-homi-gen-2013Publishing some photos taken during the January 2016 edition . The subjects are obviously made of ceramic or porcelain: that is what interests our readers.

Among the changes, I highlight some collections:

VG New trendpresents cylindrical vases with a rectangular section, with references to Greek and Roman classical art, ancient art inserts of primitive and modern forms.

Futuro d’Arte Ceramiche presents its Sea collection: human figures starting from a simple form moulded on a lathe which are then completed with handmade inserts, one by one, all embellished by the gold finishing in third fire. The fish adorned with ceramic curls and finely made decorations are really original.

USU Unique Simple Usefull, took to the fair earthen ware(majolica) oil bottles with olive cap and a felt and wood drip in, with nice packaging for corporate gift boxes and for very special oils. USU also presents the finger-food spoon, in majolica but this time it is coloured. The creators of these original products are Alessio and Marco Zanzarella.

The tradition of symposia in Český porcelain dates back to 1989. From the very beginning, it was necessary to differentiate between painting symposia, and mug symposia, due to their differences and concept. Painting symposia are very close the very production tradition of ČP with its cobalt painting under glazing. This old technique very closely linked with production of "onion-pattern" china expresses the possibility to use artists in open artistic design. Painting SYMPOSIA are known under the title and trademark "TRADITION AND POSSIBILITIES".