The winners of the competition "GIVE ME A NAME"

wood-ceramic-stove-11today 21th March 2015 the jury voted the name for the Wood Ceramic Stove.

Jury: Francesco Zanella, ceramic stove producer and who realized this ceramic stove, boss of the Zanella.
Lauren Moreira, artist and ceramist, manager of the Facebook page MORE CLAY LESS PLASTIC.
Olga Galiamina, painter and stylist-designer.
Pierpaolo Scettri, Annalisa Meneghetti e Valentina Penzo
, marketing agency "Web Marketing Consulting".
Rigon Danilo, designer and performer of the first prototipe of the wood ceramic stove.
Shyama Medhekar, English and Hindi teacher, cultural mediator.
Silvia Imperiale, journalist and expert of the ceramic field.

The vote took place in the following way: the popular jury has voted on-line the result of which is located on this page, the total sum of the votes received by 20 selected names was divided equally for the 7 judges who were able to split their votes for the three favorite names and those listed below are the winners:

1° prize "Pipe cook" with the slogan "calore e allegria" by Laura Bagnoli

Jury motivation:
1) Pipe name remember the smoke and pipe like tube is the shape of this stove, in fact this is a tube that cook!.
2) Pipe cook, these coupled words describe perfectly the function.
3) The sound of this name is very nice and easy to pronunce in any language.
4) Are easy to spell and dictate to the phone.
5) Searching for on Google with pipe cook you can find pipes and cooking sistem by tubes, on pinterest there are many tube cook systems, so we can say that the category exist.
6) In an global market is easy to market this name.

2° prize "Cuoccio" with the slogan "il coccio che cuoce" by Patrizia Grieco

Jury motivation:
1) The name is funny because is composed by "coccio" it means terracotta item and "cuocio" that means I cook, the coupled name meet the meaning.
2) The coupled name sounds good.

3° prize "stuà" with the slogan "accendi la fantasia in cucina" by Chiara Dal Cortivo

Jury motivation:
1) Is a name which identify immediately the product of this territory because is a regional name, may be also for not Italian residence is a funny name and  remember the Italian creativity.