OPEN TO ART Ceramic award 3rd Edition

open-to-artOPEN TO ART Ceramic award 3rd Edition


The Open to Art award dedicated to the promotion of contemporary ceramics is at its third edition. Launched in 2014 to promote the use of ceramics in contemporary art and design, the competition - open to artists of all nationalities, single or associated, without age limits or thematic constraints - is now open.

The third edition confirms the first two Cash Prizes, worth € 5,000 each for the Art section and the Design section.

OPEN TO ART Ceramic award 3rd Edition

• Art.1 Aim
• Art.2 Criteria for Admission
• Art.3 Terms and conditions for participation
• Art.4 Admission fee
• Art.5 Jury
• Art.6 Selection
• Art.7 Prizes
• Art.8 Catalogue
• Art.9 Award ceremony
• Art.10 Installation
• Art.11 Responsibility
• Art.12 Insurance
• Art.13 Despatch of works
• Art.14 Return of works
• Art.15 Acceptance of Privacy Regulations

Deadline subscriptions: 21 September 2018

Information and competition office:
Officine Saffi
+39 02 36 68 56 96
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Art.1 Competition Aim
Open to Art, is promoted and organized by Officine Saffi with the aim of enhancing and promoting the use of ceramics in contemporary art and design.

Art.2 Criteria for Admission
Open to Art is open to all contemporary artists of any nationality, individuals or groups. There are no age limitations nor thematic constraint.

The competition is divided in two sections:


Selection criteria – art section
technical quality
conceptual research

Selection criteria – design section
technical quality

Art.3 Terms and conditions for participation
Each participant can present one work for each section. It is not allowed to participate with the same work for both sections.
Is required to present a portfolio with images of other works even if not in ceramic material.
Works can be made in any ceramic technique. Works that include other materials are accepted as long as clay is the principal material used.
Artists must declare that they are the authors of the works, that they own property, that the works have been made during the last two years and that the works haven't been presented in other competitions.
In absence of these requirements the Jury and Officine Saffi reserve the right to exclude the works from the contest procedures, from the exhibition and in case of winning, the assignment of the prize.
For expository reasons works have to be maximum dimensions of 150x150x150 cm . Bigger works will be evaluated by the jury.

Participants can fill the application online form on the website and can pay the application fee through Paypal (in the online form) or with a bank transfer:

Officine Saffi
Via Aurelio Saffi, 7 20123 Milano
CF e PIVA 08799230969
IBAN IT93 G030 3201 6150 1000 0003 281
BIC code BACRIT 21384
Agenzia CREDEM n° 15

NB: Who completed the application form by bank transfer must upload the transfer receipt in the upload section of the online form in .jpg, .jpeg or .pdf

In the "Upload" section of the form will be necessary to submit the following information:

• Work presented: n. 3 high resolution pictures on neutral background (white, black, grey) [in jpg or tiff format, 300 dpi (short side 20 cm), together with a description (title of the work, materials and technique, dimensions in cm, value of the work in euro)] in doc, docx or pdf.
• Artist's portfolio that present the artist's production (JPG o TIFF da 300 dpi) together with the descriptions of the works (title of the work, materials and technique, dimensions in cm, value of each work in euro)
• Curriculum Vitae including the artist's training path and any eventual exhibitions
• Copy of the artist's ID
• Receipt of payment of the participation fee (if made by bank transfer)
• For Brera Academy of Fine Arts students is needed a copy of the university enrolment document with receipt of payment of the university fees for the current academic year.

In order to be valid, the complete application (online application form, images, curriculum vitae, identity document, receipt of payment of the application fee) should be uploaded by 21st September 2018.

After completing the registration form, the candidate will receive an email confirming acceptance. No documentation will be required to be sent by ordinary post.

Art.4 Admission fee
The admission fee has been set at 50 euro (fifty).
For artists under 35 the participation fee is 30 euro.
Thanks to the collaboration with the Brera Fine Arts Academy, for registered students, the participation in the competition is free of charge.

Payment of the participation fee should be made in euro, without any bank charges or commissions payable by the organizers. The participation fee cannot be returned. The fee can be paid as follows:

- Online, via PAYPAL
- Bank Transfer
payment description: Open to Art specifying name, surname of the artist and email address
IBAN IT93 G030 3201 6150 1000 0003 281
BIC code BACRIT 21384
Agenzia CREDEM n° 15

Art.5 Jury
An international jury will select the finalists whose works will compete for the awards.
During the opening of the Finalists Exhibition, the jury will announce the winners.

The jurors of the 2018 edition of the competition are:
- Felicity Aylieff, artist, Head of programme Royal College of Arts, London
- Laura Borghi, Officine Saffi
- Flaminio Gualdoni, journalist, art critic and professor at Brera Academy of Fine Arts
- Tom Morris, editor and consultant specialized in design, interiors and architecture
- Isabelle Naef Galuba, director of Ariana Museum
- Elisa Ossino, architect, stylist
- Ranti Tjan, director of EKWC
- Matteo Zauli, curator, director of Carlo Zauli Museum

Art.6 Selection
The jury will proceed with two steps of selection.

First selection
By mid-November, the jury will select the works admitted to the Final Exhibition. The works will be evaluated on the basis of the received images which cannot be replaced by others, under penalty of exclusion from the competition. The selected works must be received, free port, by 5 February 2019 at the Officine Saffi head office. Accepted artists will be informed by email with the rules for delivery of the works.

Second selection
By February 2019 the jury will view and evaluate the works delivered and will award the Main Prizes and the Collateral Prizes. All the works admitted to the second level of selection will be exhibited in a show at Officine Saffi in March 2019. The jury's decisions are final.

Art.7 Prizes
The winner works will become part of the Officine Saffi collection.

First prize - Art Section > € 5,000*
First prize - Design Section > € 5,000*

Collateral prizes**:
• Artist's residency at Sundaymorning@ekwc, The Netherlands
• Artist's residency during the International Ceramic Art Festival in Sasama, Japan
• Artist's residency at Amfora in Seinaioki, Finland
• Artist's residency at the International Ceramic Research Center Guldagergaard, Denmark
• Production Prize at Museo Carlo Zauli, Faenza
• Cover Prize, Fragile magazine
• Article Prize, Fragile magazine

* As per law, a 25% withholding tax will be charged on all the money prizes.

**Residences prices do not include the travel expenses.

Art.8 Catalog
Officine Saffi will publish a catalogue for the competition with the finalist's work. The artist that will not pass the first selection will be mentioned with "name, surname".
The print of the catalog and the photographic realization will be the exclusive care of Officine Saffi to which the artists give all the reproduction rights of the works at the moment of participation in the competition, as well as any other images provided by the artists (also different works from those registered for participation in the competition) without any right of recourse or payment in their favor. Artists authorize the photographic production, video, film, television or digital documentation of their works for all the uses that Officine Saffi deems appropriate for the promotion of the competition, such as catalogues, invitations, brochures, promotional material, articles in printed magazines and on internet, websites, commercials and all sorts of promotional material in whatever shape or form. Any residual promotional materials will remain the property of Officine Saffi who is authorized to use it as they wish, free of charge, without any copyright or other fees payable to the artist.
The list of the ammited works will be published on the website
Participants will be able to purchase the catalogue at a discounted price. One copy of the catalogue will be given free to each of the finalist artists. Copies of the catalogue can be collected during the final exhibition, or they can be purchased online on the website

Art.9 Award ceremony
Award ceremony will take place in Milan in late March 2019 at Officine Saffi gallery.

Art.10 Installation
Installation of the exhibition will be designed and performed exclusively by Officine Saffi.

Art.11 Responsibility
Officine Saffi, while making all efforts to ensure the safe care and custody of works entered into the competition, declines any and all responsibility in the case of theft, fire or whatever type of damage to the works at any stage of the competition. The artist can insure the work presented, at his or her own cost and responsibility.

Art.12 Insurance
Officine Saffi does not insure the works during the various phases of the competition. Participants guarantee that they will not take any form of legal action against Officine Saffi for any damage that the works should sustain during the entire competition. Artists can insure their works at their own expense and responsibility using whatever insurance company they like. Insurance policies should specifically hold Officine Saffi exempt from any legal action; Officine Saffi is not required to reimburse any damages sustained by works during the entire competition period. If a work reaches the competition with signs of damage, it will not be exhibited.

Art.13 Dispatch of works
Delivery of the works is at the expense and responsibility of the artists. Works must reach Officine Saffi without any payable charges or taxes. Participants should comply with the minimum standards of safety in the transport of ceramic works of art, ensuring that they are sufficiently protected by the packaging. International customs regulations should be followed in the case of works arriving from outside the EU.

Art.14 Return of works
Artists are required to arrange for the collection of their works, at their own expense and responsibility. In case that a work has to be returned to the artist, Officine Saffi will pack the work ready for delivery. If a written request for the return of the work does not reach Officine Saffi within 30 days from the closing date of the final exhibition, Officine Saffi reserves the right to use the work in whatever way it likes. If the artist wishes to give the work away at the end of the event, this can be communicated to Officine Saffi at the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
In any case, Officine Saffi reserves the right to accept or refuse donated works. In the case that a work is donated or not collected, Officine Saffi reserves the right to use the work in whatever way it deems opportune.

Art.15 Acceptance of privacy regulations
Each applicant expressly authorizes Officine Saffi for the processing of his or her personal data, in accordance with law 675/96 (Privacy law) and subsequence modifications in the Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Privacy regulations), including their presence in databanks managed by Officine Saffi. The competition organizers reserve the right to change the competition rules should this be necessary. Application for, and participation in, the competition implies the artist's unconditional acceptance of all the articles of these competition rules.

 For more info, please visit the oficial web site: