BS Ceramiche Battocchio

BS Ceramiche Battocchio, presentation

Ceramics is nature and culture, art and magic, humanity and divinity … The Pottery is a universal language with a syntax , a lexicon and the same magical elementsyou primordial life , air, water , earth and fire . The Pottery is simple beauty , goodness ancient ancestral musicality , sensitivity immortal … For half a century, the family Battocchio practice one of the oldest languages ​​in the world , the art of ceramics , and cultivates the earth magic that turns with the memory and the ability of skilled hands.

From a small basement under the house to the first workshop, generations of master potters have learned and refined the language and the art . With passion and courage have accumulated experience and ancient culture, and celebrated the beauty, eternal and immortal. Crafts, passion , centuries-old tradition , study, research , refinement of design … these are the ingredients from which are the creations and lines of lamps, chandeliers , mirrors , vases … enhanced by the high quality of materials, all strictly Italian , enamels, gold and platinum , Swarovski crystals and inimitable creativity Italian.

Hotels , spas , design studios , interiors … are some of the display cases around the world where the product BS Collection wins praise and acclaim. Tradition and innovation are the driving force of BS Collection, also in the care of packaging and shipping , secured by the latest security techniques , with an eye to protecting and respecting the environment and nature.

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