37. International ceramics fair Oldenburg (Germany), 3/4 August 2019

Call for entries37. International ceramics fair Oldenburg (Germany) 3. - 4. August 2019 For the 37th time the international ceramics market oldenburg will take place in 2019. Around 120 stands can be ordered on the european-wide pointed market for all areas of artisan and artistic ceramics. The open-air gallery around the former ducal castle attracts 60,000 visitors annually. The market is embedded in a 3-day exclusive program, with exhibitions, prize giving and the "ceramist portrait", which makes announced ceramics from all over the world to the general public in seminars and workshops. For the market participants, the opportunity affords to participate in a "Best-of" special exhibition in the Oldenburg Castle, the Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte, on the occasion of which 3 money prizes are awarded by jury decision as well as a likewise endowed audience price. In addition, the "Prize of the NEW CERAMIC" will be presented again for outstanding achievements in the field of artistic ceramics.

Up to 12 January 2019, professional ceramists from all sectors can apply:information and application documents are available at www.keramiktage.com .Werkschule - Werkstatt für Kunst und Kulturarbeit e.V., Rosenstraße 41, 26122 Oldenburg; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; , Tel.: 0441 99 90 840