The 2015 Gmunden Ceramics Symposium - Austria

Framework Conditions

The 2015 Ceramics Symposium will take place between September 13th and October 18th, 2015.
Also in the year 2015 the invitation is pronounced personally to the artists by the jury. Of course the members of the jury are also pleased about applications of interested ceramic artists. Please send your application to VEREIN ZUR FÖRDERUNG EUROPÄISCHER KERAMIKKÜNSTLER, Rathausplatz 1, A.4810 GMUNDEN. The applications will be forwarded to the jury members.
End of the application period: February 28, 2015.

Aims of the Symposium:
• The Symposium is intended to promote young European ceramic artists and to serve as a platform and springboard for their career.
• As well as young artists, the Symposium is also intended for established and experienced artists. The aim is for a fruitful exchange to take place between young and experienced artists.
• The Symposium is intended to help establish ceramic work in the international art world.
• The Symposium is intended to help establish Gmunden as a centre for contemporary ceramic art.
• The Symposium is not only intended to give art lovers access to ceramics, but also to give laymen access to art in general and ceramic work in particular.
• The word 'promotion' as understood by the Association for the promotion of European ceramic artists, refers not only to the provision and supply of rooms, materials and manpower in the stimulating company of colleagues; the main aim is to publicise and make known the work created, the artists invited and the symposium as such within the European art world. The Symposium is therefore intended to create as much media attention as possible, in regional press and beyond in national and European press, with special focus on media active in the fields of art and culture.

By the ceramics symposium 2015 there will be no working therm.
Twelve participants will be invited from member states of Europe. The five-week Symposium will be accompanied by and a technical director.
Kilns, general materials, various coloured frits and glazes will be available. The costs for accommodation, board and materials will be borne by the Association. The Symposium will be documented in a catalogue and will close with an exhibition in the KUNST.WERKSTATT in Gmunden. This exhibition will then travel to other European cities.

The pieces to be exhibited and published in the catalogue will be selected by an international
panel of experts at the end of the Symposium from all the work created. The Association for the
promotion of European ceramic artists, responsible for organising the event, asks all participants to
donate one or two of these selected pieces. These will then be exhibited in the ceramics
museum which is being planned for Gmunden. Please understand that no commissioned work
may be carried out during the Symposium. When the travelling exhibition is over, we request all
artists to collect the pieces they have not donated.
An international panel of experts will apply the following selection criteria when deciding on the
• experience with ceramic work;
• artistic merit;
• originating from a country of the European Union.
A good or very good command of English is a requisite for participation.
The decision of the panel of experts regarding participation in the Symposium shall be final
and binding. Successful participants will be informed in April 2015.

Your application must include: 7 high-quality colour photographs (max. A 5, colour prints, NO
SLIDES, PLEASE!) of your recent work with details of titles, year they were made, original
dimensions and materials used as well as an application form completed in full.
Please note that incomplete application forms or applications with photographs or containing
photographs which do not comply with the requirements mentioned above cannot be accepted.
We regret we are unable to return photographs submitted by you.


Organiser and contact:
Verein zur Förderung europäischer Keramikkünstler /
Association for the promotion of European ceramic artists
Eva Fürtbauer, Angelika Meller (Organisation)
Rathausplatz 1
A-4010 Gmunden
Tel. 00 43 7612 794-81, Fax -409
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.