Lady Ceramica, twenty-two female ceramists - Faenza 6/7 September 2014

ld ceramicaThe DcomeDesign® Association presents Lady Ceramica, twenty-two female ceramists: a comparison of styles, themes and generations. In Faenza, on occasion of Argillà Italia 2014.
On Friday 5 September 2014 at 7.00 p.m., at the Loggetta del Trentanove da Muky, in Piazza II Giugno 8, Faenza, the exhibition Lady Ceramica will be opened. This original group show comprises twenty-two personalities in the world of ceramics, who have worked in the area of ceramics design and creation, in styles ranging from applied arts to artistic crafts and design. Promoted by the DcomeDesign® Association under the auspices of Ente Ceramica Faenza, Amici della Ceramica, MIC International Ceramics Museum in Faenza, and the Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte Foundation, this project will be inaugurated on the same day of the opening of Argillà Italia 2014, a national event of great importance for contemporary ceramics, running from 5 to 7 September in Faenza.

ld ceramica

Lady Ceramica, curated by Anty Pansera in cooperation with Viola Emaldi, and with coordination by Mariateresa Chirico, is an exhibition that compares different styles, themes and generations. The show extends from the pioneers, who were already active in the years after the Second World War, comprising Antonia Campi, Muky (Wanda Berasi Matteucci), Nedda Guidi and Rosanna Bianchi, right through to the second and third-generation artists who work with complete creative freedom in the areas of art, crafts and design. The Art Ceramics area, featuring one-off pieces, presents different generations, with works by Graziosa Bertagnin (Gral), Cristina d’Alberto, Lorenza Morandotti, Fiorenza Pancino, Antonella Ravagli, and Gabriella Sacchi. The Ceramics by artisans/artists section includes one-off pieces or works in small series, by Eleonora Ghilardi, Lidia Marti, Antonietta Mazzotti, Mirta Morigi, Vania Sartori, Saura and Ivana Vignoli. The Designed Ceramics area, with works in series production, comprises pieces by designers Luisa Bocchietto, Elisabetta Bovina (ELI.CA), Anna Gili, Maria Christina Hamel, Patrizia Scarzella, and Studio Pixel. In addition to the first edition of Lady Ceramica, the event includes the presentation of the Lady C Editions 2014 project, a collection of ornaments for the body made in ceramics and produced in a numbered limited edition, by the same twenty-two artists. Lady C Edition 2014 stemmed from the concept of a new, modern way of interpreting artistic and crafts ceramics, while also encouraging the development of Italian art and culture, enhancing the value of different approaches to this type of ceramics by means of the design techniques involved in small-scale series production. The products embody the intelligent, exploratory and experimental approach of their designers, who all created examples of style and innovation while highlighting the values of classical forms and roots.

Lady Ceramica
location: Loggetta del Trentanove Rotonda di Muky, Piazza II giugno, 8 – Faenza
dates: 6 e 7 settembre 2014
opening: 5 settembre h 19.00
admission: libero
opening times: dalle 10.00 alle 20.00

curated by di: Anty Pansera con la collaborazione di Viola Emaldi
coordination: Mariateresa Chirico
exibition design: Rita Rava
coordinated visual design: Patrizia Sacchi
Catalogo Cartabianca - Faenza
Pins Professional Pins – Milano

Mostra promossa dall’Associazione Dcomedesign® con il patrocinio di Ente Ceramica Faenza, Amici della Ceramica e del Museo Internazionale in Faenza, Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte, Cartabianca Editore, Professional Pins.

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