LOU ArteCeramica - High craftsmanship experieces

Materials & techniques

For her creations LOU ArteCeramica relies on master potters or buy biscuit (semi-finished with first firing) which she then decorates. She may use red or white clay. LOU's favourite technique is achieved through engraving on white glaze that reveals the layer of colour underneath. This technique was developed through several experiments: it is a technique that gives a very particular effects of colour and opalescence. It is our pride to have reached this technique. LOU creations is are dishwasher safe, preferably on a delicate programme. They are conform to food requirements . As all precious things they need to be handled with a bit of care.

The term 'Texture' refers to a surface with a visual or tactile texture pattern. This LOU line boasts both qualities! The texture pattern of the decorations is engraved in the glaze and generates small grooves in the surface that give flickering of light. The designs are always conceived as a precious background for the chef's work. The minute designs, the small repeated geometries, do not impose themselves but aim to participate, to contribute to the beauty of the final result, when the piece will finally arrive in the presence of the final customer: the guest. The entire line is hand-shaped.

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