VEGA s.r.l.
Via dell' Industria, 14
- 36033 Isola Vicentina (Vicenza)
Tel. ++39 0444 976414 - fax +39 0444 809124

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The core business of VEGA S.r.l. consists in dealing with SECOND-HAND MACHINERY AND KILNS for the ceramic industry. Thanks to a powerful and updated data-base which you can also consult ON-LINE through INTERNET, VEGA s.r.l. finds what you are looking for.
VEGA S.r.l. can also grant maintenance and commissioning on site of machinery and intermittent kilns, as well as their eventual modifications to comply with the latest safety regulations.

Moreover VEGA s.r.l. deals with new machinery and various materials for ceramic industry, such as refractory, spare parts for kilns and machinery, releasing oil for metal moulds, liquid gold for ceramic, rubber sponge belts etc.
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Accessories, hobby, machinery, services - second hand ceramic machinery, refurbished ceramic plant, second hand ceramic kilns, second hand porcelain kilns, second hand driers.