Lineasette Ceramiche
Via Luca della Robbia 2 - 36063 Marostica (Vicenza)
Tel. ++0424 75487

DETAILS: LINEA SETTE offers handmade objects in porcelainized gr? made perfectly waterproof by firing at high temperatures (1200°C). The slip coating consists of clay mixed with metal oxides, dyes and flux combined with siliceous sands to give the artefacts their characteristic dimpled effect. The various stages of working of each individual object are assiduously followed by its creator, from the design through to the end product, thereby ensuring the quality of the craftwork. Each piece is carefully handled and packaged individually in a box that keeps it intact, because precious things should always be protected.

DESIGN: All the LINEA SETTE creations are the result of in-depth and passionate research in the technical ceramics sphere and in contemporary design. Each object is a small sculpture with pure, essential lines as if it were moulded from the natural elements. For Flavio Cavalli, Giuseppe Bucco and Angelo Spagnolo, LINEA SETTE' s designers, each object must spring from passion and convey the same feeling. "Each creation tries to satisfy three requisites: the pleasure of having it in your home, the capacity to convey new stimuli and appeal over the years, and the joy of receiving, giving and possessing it."

Stoneware vases, stoneware animals, stoneware tableware, lamps, wall lamps, trays, candlestick.