Via Delle Industrie 115 - 36050 Cartigliano (Vicenza)
Tel. ++39 0424 592080 fax: +39 0424 592089

ITALGESSI s.r.l. is a company active since 2000 that sought the legacy 'of Commercial VMZ s.r.l. Company operating since 1984 in the ceramic sector and health.
It offers products ranging from special plasters for any use, clay, refractory, stoneware, raku, porcelain, glazes, pipe for moulds, silicones, resins, tools to model, turnstiles, lathes electric mixers, degasatori, meetings for moulds, Notes shapes, kilns, brushes and various accessories for the world of ceramics.

Authorized Reseller for Italy of groups worldwide which BPB Formula and WBB that Fuchs also bring their experience and their know-how to serve the customer.

Our extensive product range includes: Special Plasters (casting, press, lathe, health, matrices, objects) dough, stoneware, semirefractary, porcelain accessories for the construction of moulds from press and casting, rubber silicone fluid and pastes, mixers, potter wheels, brushes, tools to model, tools carbon steel, cutting tools, tools to finish, tools for sculpture, palettes hold colors, accessories for painting, various tools kits, tools wood made for ceramic.

Accessories, hobby, machinery, row materials and bodies - special plasters, stoneware bodies, refractory bodies, porcelain, potter wheels, kilns, ceramic wood-tools, ceramic decoration accesories.