Barettoni già Antonibon Sas
di Barettoni Lodovico & C.

Via Molini 3 - 36055 Nove (Vicenza)
Tel. ++39 0424 590013

The factory is one of Italy's oldest pottery works and was founded between the seventeeth and eighteenth centuries by the noble Antonibons who were garanted privileges and reconition by the Venetian Republic in order to protect the activity, which gave prestige to the Republic and to those working there. Over the years, the factory has always managed to retain the best expression of avant-garde artistic taste, so much so as that it became a point of reference for all the firms that gradually grew in the zone.

Current production, in addition to possibility of drawing on old models produced over the years, offers a wide range of table objects, gift items and for furnishing, with fresh shapes, often drawing inspiration from nature and sea settings, while always payng particular attention to careful colours, balanced shapes and refined execution.


Gift, tableware, lighting, furnishing accessories - sooptureen, tableware, trays, the set, coffe set, vases, big decorated jars, lamps, centrepieces, candlestick, figurines.