Ceramic's produciton by potter whell We thank for the collaboration the Master Claudio Reginato


tornio lavorazione ceramica If you want to turn a vase at the wheel it is nccessary to use some good and sufficiently plastic clay. After kneading it well enough, you make a ball out of it, and place it in the centre of the wheel disk ( it must firmly ad here to it).

At this point the clay must be moisted and centred, while the wheel is turning. Then, using your fingers, you raise the vase and give it the wished shape. The shape of the piece will later be refined by means of tools such as a wooden or an iron smoothing plate.

lavorazione ceramica al tornio
tornio ceramica In order to detach the vase from the wheel disk you cut it at the very base with a steel wire. The finishing or "returning" process is carried out when the piece is "leather-hard", using proper tools, which can also be homemade.

This stage of the drying up process is also the right time to stick handles or other applications to the piece. The vase can now dry up completely and be fired.

lavorazione ceramica
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