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With the first music notes the world grew richer in meanings and man. Its protagonist, got more involved in life because he “continued” creation and gave order and image to what surrounded him. This is the reason whi we can say that the breath that gives life to terracotta includes the spirit of divinity as it is infused by a “creator”. Whistles are the ancestors of musical instruments and accompanied man along his way in Europe as well in Asia and in America in pre-Columbian cultures.
i cuchi di Severino Carraro
Anyone who doesn’t know their origin finds it hard to believe that they come from a mythical age when the god Pan wandered among human beings that is whistles are part of that ancestral iconographic “common core” of all civilisations together with amulets,masks,necklaces and ex votos. Their origin is rather magical than ludic because they were created not only to change noise into sound (and then into harmony),
i cuchi dei Brunello but first of all to call for rain or a good harvest. They were also used to treat illnesses: whistling about sick people stimulated patients to live the heroic days of their ancestors over again and get the strenght to recover.
Blowing into a shell or imitating the whistlig of the wind , man began to make whistles but it was very hard work to get earth to sound before it was cooked that is before it became terracotta.
As regards their shape man drew inspiration from his surrounding world and he started to produce rough representations of the animals which supported him such as the ox or the cock.  In particular the latter not only comforted human beings at dead of night and at dawn when it announced that the sun would reappear, but also it was a symbol of manliness.
As time went by, man made representations of himself, too and, imitating the typologies of  great religions which had always been remote in their magnificense, he invented his own idols. The coming of established religions lay over that popular pagan rituality and absorbed a lot of those representations but there was a mutual exchange because potters themselves began to make saints and redeemers in their own way.
i cuchi di Mario Scuro
After the damage caused by industrial civilisation, those traditions, which still have countless stories to tell us, have been recovered: nowadays a creative current of artists is trying to introduce innovations, even if according to a tradition handed down from century to century, in the shape of this object which has so many-sided meanings.
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